Welcome to Rudix!

Rudix is a collection of pre-built Unix software delivered as packages for Mac OS X.
“The hassle-free way to get Unix programs on Mac OS X.”

Why Rudix?

Ready to use, don't need to compile anything. Compatible with Mavericks (work in progress), Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard. Included dependencies when applicable. A wide selection of packages. Developer friendly. Learn more »

Quick Start

Note: Rudix for Mavericks is working in progress! The lines below will not work on Mavericks. If you really want to install some packages for Mavericks, go here.

Bootstrapping Rudix with help of command line is easy, just open the Terminal.app utility and type:

curl -O https://raw.github.com/rudix-mac/package-manager/master/rudix.py
sudo python rudix.py install rudix

or compressed in one-line:

curl -s https://raw.github.com/rudix-mac/package-manager/master/rudix.py | sudo python - install rudix
Note: You will be probably asked for administrator password.

Now you are ready to use Rudix packages, type the command rudix available to get a list of packages for installation. For example, use sudo rudix install wget to install wget (GNU Wget). Learn more »


We like to say that Rudix is handcrafted work, much like the artisans do. You can help to contribute by donating an amount – no donation is too small – via Paypal. All donations are confidential and remain anonymous unless you say otherwise. If you would like to see your name or your company acknowledged here as a donor or sponsor, please let us know.