Contribute with Code

The developers page is on GitHub. Any code, patch, documentation is welcomed but please, think if the contribution is relevant to the project!

Contribute with Money

Rudix is mostly mine handcrafted work. Like the artisans do with materials I [Rudá Moura] do with software packaging. You can support me by donating any amount of money via PayPal.

All donations are confidential and remain anonymous unless you say otherwise. If you would like to see your name or your company acknowledged here as a donor or sponsor, let me know.

Donations Received
2018US$ 20.00 + R$ 60.572 contributors
2017US$ 50.001 contributor
2016US$ 90.004 contributors
2015US$ 55.002 contributors
2014US$ 47.007 contributors
2013US$ 41.002 contributors