2017 Campaign

I (Rudá Moura) use my personal MacBook Pro 2009 to build packages and the site. I receive code contributions from developers, but since 2005, where the project started, I'm the only one working on Rudix from all those years (it's been more than TEN YEARS!).

I used to have a job, so Rudix was never the source of my sallary or something like that. It is my pet project, the one that I love to do, but I'm now unemployed and I've been quite busy studying for my Master Degree in Computer Science.

The Mac I use to build packages is aging fast, it isn't fast and reliable as it used to be. It can run El Capitan, but I cannot install macOS Sierra.

So basically I would like to have a new Macbook / Mac Mini computer and being able to work full time on Rudix and get money for that. But how? Well, I don't know, maybe by founding on Paypal or Patrion.


We like to say that Rudix is handcrafted work, much like the artisans do with materials we do with software packaging. You can help to contribute by donating an amount – no donation is too small – via PayPal.

Rudix is not a Foundation! The donations goes to my PayPal account where I receive the money.

All donations are confidential and remain anonymous unless you say otherwise. If you would like to see your name or your company acknowledged here as a donor or sponsor, let me know.

Donations received by the years
2017US$ 50.00 (1 donor)
2016US$ 90.00 (4 donors)
2015US$ 55.00 (2 donors)
2014US$ 47.00 (7 donors)
2013US$ 41.00 (2 donors)