Name Description
a2ps GNU a2ps
abnfgen abnfgen
ack Ack!
activemq Apache ActiveMQ
apr Apache Portable Runtime
apr-util Apache Portable Runtime Utility
argtable Argtable
aria2 Lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source download utility
arp-scan Arp Scan
asciidoc AsciiDoc
aspell GNU Aspell
astyle Artistic Style
autoconf GNU Autoconf
automake GNU Automake
autossh autossh
axel Axel Download Accelerator
bash GNU Bash
bash-completion Bash (4.x) Completion
bip Bip
boost Boost C++ Libraries
bvi Bvi
bzr Bazaar
cabextract Cabextract
cadaver Cadaver
cairo Cairo
cassandra Apache Cassandra
ccache ccache
cflow GNU cflow
check Check
clojure Clojure
cntlm Cntlm
colordiff ColorDiff
coreutils GNU Core Utilities
cscope Cscope
ctags Exuberant Ctags
ctemplate CTemplate
cvs CVS
cython Cython
dash DASH
datamash GNU Datamash
db Berkeley DB 12c
dfu-programmer Dfu-programmer
dialog Dialog
dos2unix Dos2Unix
dovecot Dovecot (Secure IMAP server)
dtach Dtach
ed GNU ed
elinks ELinks
emacs GNU Emacs
epic5 EPIC5
erlang Erlang/OTP
expat Expat
fabric Fabric
feedparser Universal Feed Parser (Python Module)
ffmpeg FFmpeg
figlet FIGlet
findutils GNU Find Utilities
fish Fish Shell
flac FLAC
flask Flask (microframework for Python)
fossil Fossil
fping Send ICMP echo probes
frotz Frotz
gawk GNU awk
gc GC
gcal GNU gcal
gdbm GNU dbm
genshi Genshi (Python Module)
getopt Getopt
gettext GNU gettext
gforth Gforh
git Git
glib GLib
global GNU Global
gloox Gloox
gmp GNU MP
gmpy GMPY (GMP Python Module)
gnupg GnuPG
gnuplot Gnuplot
go The Go Programming Language
gperftools Gperftools
gputils GNU PIC Utilities
grap Grap is a language for typesetting graphs
grep GNU Grep
gsasl GNU SASL
guile GNU Guile
gzip GNU Gzip
haproxy HAProxy
hello GNU Hello
hexedit hexedit
hoc HOC
html2text Html2text
htmldoc HTMLDOC
httpd Apache HTTPd
httplib2 Python httplib2
httptunnel Httptunnel
hunspell Hunspell spell checker
idutils GNU ID Utils
iftop iftop
imagemagick ImageMagick
imap IMAP UW
iperf Iperf
irssi Irssi
itsdangerous ItIsDangerous (Python Module)
jhead Jpeg Header Manipulation
jinja2 Jinja2 (Template engine for Python)
joe JOE editor
json-c JSON-C
jython Jython
keyring Keyring (Python Module)
lame LAME
lcms Little CMS
lftp LFTP
libao Libao
libdb Berkeley DB (Library)
libdnet Dumb Networking Library
libev Libev
libevent Libevent
libgsasl GNU SASL Library
libidn GNU Libidn
libintl GNU libintl
libjpeg LibJpeg
libmemcached libMemcached
libntlm Libntlm
liboop Liboop (low-level event loop)
libogg LibOgg
libpcap Libpcap
libpipeline Libpipeline
libpng PNG
librsync Librsync
libsigcpp Libsigc++
libsigsegv GNU libsigsegv
libssh2 Library for SSH-based communication
libtiff LibTIFF
libtool GNU Libtool
libtorrent libTorrent
libunistring GNU libunistring
libusb Libusb
libvorbis Libvorbis
libxml2-python libxml2-python
libxmp Libxmp
libyaml LibYAML
libzip libzip
lighttpd Lighttpd
links Links
lsh LSH (Secure Shell)
lua Lua Language
luajit LuaJIT
lxml lxml
lynx Lynx
lzip LZMA lossless data compressor
lzo LZO
lzop Lzop
m4 GNU M4
make GNU Make
markupsafe MarkupSafe (Python Module)
mc Midnight Commander
meld3 meld3 (Python Module)
memcached memcached
mercurial Mercurial
mercurial_keyring Mercurial Keyring Extension
mongodb MongoDB
monit Monit
mosh Mobile Shell
mpg123 MPG123
mpop mpop
msmtp msmtp
mtr MTR
mutt Mutt
mysqldb MySQLdb (Python Module)
nasm NASM
ncdu NCurses Disk Usage
ncftp NcFTP Client
ne Nice Editor
nettle Nettle (low-level crypto library)
neon Neon
nginx Nginx
nhc98 NHC98
ninja ninja
nmapNmap (“Network Mapper”)
node NodeJS
nspr NSPR
ocaml OCaml
offlineimap Offline IMAP
optipng OptiPNG
p7zip P7ZIP
pango Pango
parallel GNU Parallel
paramiko Paramiko (Python SSH module)
patchutils Patch utilities
portaudio Portable Cross-platform Audio I/O
pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
pdns-recursor PowerDNS Recursor
pigz pigz (parallel gzip)
pil Python Imaging Library
pillow Python Imaging Library (fork)
pixman Pixman
pkg-config Pkg-Config
popt Popt
protobuf Protocol Buffers
psycopg Psycopg
pv Pipe Viewer
pycrypto PyCrypto
pycurl PycURL
pygame Pygame
pygments Pygments
pylibmc pylibmc
pytest PyTest
python-midi Python MIDI library
python-nose Python Nose
python-pip Python pip
python-pychecker PyChecker
python-requests Python HTTP Requests
python-subprocess32 Backport of the subprocess module from Python3
python-twitter Python Twitter
python-virtualenv Python VirtualEnv
python-pyyaml PyYAML
qemu QEMU
ragel Ragel State Machine Compiler
rdiff-backup Rdiff-backup
readline The GNU Readline Library
redis Redis
rsync Rsync
rtorrent rTorrent
rudix Rudix Package Manager
rust The Rust Programming Language
rzip Rzip
scons SCons
screen GNU Screen
sdcc SDCC
sdl SDL
sed GNU Sed
serf Serf (Library)
sexpr sfsexp
simh SIMH
simplejson simplejson
slang S-Lang Library
sox SoX
sqlite SQLite
squid Squid
ssldump SSLdump
strongswan StrongSwan
stunnel Stunnel
subversion Apache Subversion
supervisor Supervisor
swig SWIG
talloc Talloc
tar GNU Tar
tcpflow TCP Flow Recorder
tcsh Tcsh
texinfo Texinfo
tig Text-Mode Interface for Git
tload Terminal Load
tmux tmux
tomcat Apache Tomcat
tornado Tornado
trac Trac
tree tree
twitter Python Twitter Tools
txt2tags txt2tags
unison Unison File Synchronizer
unrar unRAR
valgrind Valgrind
varnish Varnish Cache
vifm Vifm
vim Vim
virtualenv Python VirtualEnv
vstr Vstr
w3m w3m
wbox WBox
werkzeug Werkzeug (WSGI utils for Python)
wget GNU Wget
wput Wput
xemacs XEmacs
xmp Extended Module player
xz XZ Utils
yasm Yasm
zile GNU Zile
zlib Zlib data compression library
zsh Z shell
zsync Zsync